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I currently live in Hamburg, Germany but will be back in New York when my contract ends.

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Nivea New Year's Eve Mobile App

New York's Times Square on New Year's Eve. It's a huge event seen around the world and for Nivea USA, the premiere sponsor, it's also the equivalent of an ad on the Super Bowl. Each year we would spend 6 months planning activities around the evening promoting Nivea  Lip's 'Kiss and be Kissed' campaign.

NIVEA "FIELD OF KISSES" MOBILE APP:  There's one important reason why as a native New Yorker I had never been to Times Square on New Year's. Once you are in, you can't get out. Knowing we literally had a captive audience for up to 4 hours before the ball dropped, we developed a mobile phone app that let couples virtually plant new year's eve kisses. Digital billboards surrounding the streets promoted the experience: Download the app, take a shot of you kissing your mate, and it drops a pin with your pic and a love note. Using geo-tagging technology, you can then hold up your phone and see the thousands of other kisses planted around you. A technologically advanced experience to make 'kiss and be kissed' come to life more richly.