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I currently live in Hamburg, Germany but will be back in New York when my contract ends.

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Nivea Sun

I am the creative lead for a number of NIVEA categories, but Sun has always been one of my favourites. Maybe it's because I grew up surfing in Montauk, NY. Or it's because I proposed to my wife in my bathing trunks. Or simply because when I am not concepting, I am usually thinking about the beach.

NIVEA SUN UV FILM. This project was inspired by the work of film director Thomas Leveritt, and his his massively popular Youtube film "How the Sun Sees You."  We ended up working with Thomas directly to create a new piece for the brand. The message was perfect for Nivea Sun, the #1 sun protection brand in the world, and execution brings out the best of the brand – honest emotions, real beachgoers, and a brave willingness to show the dangers of the sun in stark terms. Not all Nivea Sun communication is like this, but this piece may shape the brand going forward.