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Labello Lip Butter

Labello is the lip care leader in Europe. Women say "Where's my Labello?" no matter what brand they have, a lot like Chapstick in the USA. The problem is, they were losing share to new competition like Maybeline's Baby Lips and EOS. In response a new innovative product was launched – Lip Butters.

LABELLO "TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE": We were given 3 weeks and 80K to craft an ATL campaign. Labello had lost their number 1 position in some markets, so the lip butter launch needed to work – fast. We had to dramatise the newness of this product, and realised the finger application was a great key visual. Will everyone start sharing their lip care with others? I don't know, it wasn't necessary. More importantly they saw Labello as fresh and exciting, not just as an old classic. It worked. Extraordinarily well. Countries that had not done TV in years picked up the campaign. And Labello reclaimed their #1 position with double-digit growth. We received a few kisses.

POINT-OF SALE: Imagery for POS campaigns come with lists of rules from the experts: No headline longer than 6 words! Simple backgrounds! Eye contact! It can become a very small box in which to hunt for creative work. The Labello Lip Butter campaign ticked every single box and still had an idea. Client loved it. Sales boomed.

Labello Lip Butter POS campaign 2014